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Friendly Personal Training at Hawaii Kai Towne Center


Our personal trainers will help you get the results you want at your pace.

The Benefits of Personal Training

Working out can be intimidating. It’s normal to have goals and be unsure how to achieve them, and it’s completely normal to lack motivation at times. Our personal trainers can help you overcome your obstacles and take you to new heights on your fitness journey.


Being educated while exercising is essential in maximizing effectiveness and reducing risk of injury. Our personal trainers will teach you everything you need to know about exercising.


Exercising can be a hassle and at times it may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Whatever the reason, our personal trainers can help you feel motivated to come work out.


Your trainer will develop a routine for you with plenty of variety. This may include machines, free weights, bodyweight exercises, and cardio.

Services We Offer

Strength and Conditioning

In-person, strength training sessions that focus on improving Olympic lifts, Agility, and Plyometrics. We will provide proper technique education and tailor the session to the experience of the client. These sessions are 45 minutes long and are held at our Hawaii Kai Studio.

What Members Say About Us

“What a difference a trainer makes! And this trainer in particular. There is no doubt that in the past year Erin has significantly improved my quality of life. With her insightful game plan we have increased my body strength and core strength to the point that I no longer suffer from lower back pain on a daily basis. My stamina has increased and my balance has improved. Erin is dedicated, insightful and an extremely knowledgeable trainer. I am developing a confidence and a sense of wellbeing that comes from a healthier body and a supportive coach. I am looking forward to the challenges and improvements this next year will bring as we continue our collaboration. Mahalo, Erin!”

- Sandra B.

“I have been working with Erin for over two years, to improve my strength, flexibility and balance. She is very smart, knowledgeable and encouraging. No two workouts are the same. I’m delighted with the results.”

- Laura F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract for the personal training service?

No, you are free to come and go as you please. Our training sessions can be purchased by individual sessions or in packages. Any sessions or packages that are purchased in advance, expire after one year.

Is there any age limit or physical experience needed?

Oahu Running Co is for everyone including those with little or no exercise background to elite athletes. We welcome people of all ages to try out our services.

Do you run female only workshops?

No – We foster an inclusive atmosphere where all ages, genders and beliefs are accepted equally. Training with a diverse group leads to a more holistic fitness experience for all.

Do you offer customized work out plans?

Yes, all of our workout plans are fully customized for each member. We know that everyone is unique and at a different level of fitness. We tailor your workout to push you but make sure you leave feeling satisfied every time you walk out of the studio.

Still have questions? Email Us [email protected] for answers

Working up a sweat at Hawaii Kai Towne Center

We run several group fitness training programs daily in and around Oahu.
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