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    Connect with 5 Stars Fitness Trainers

Rose Hickok

Rose Hickok has her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology from Marshall University. Rose’s educational and career focus is in chronic disease management and cardiac rehabilitation. She is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

Rose has 10 years of experience working within a clinical population to use exercise as a means of managing diabetes, cardiac disease, lung disease, obesity, and many other chronic diseases. When she’s not training you can catch her finishing every sudoku puzzle in sight.

Erin Hickok

Erin Hickok has her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Marshall University and is also completing her Ph.D in Human Performance from Concordia University Chicago. She is a RRCA Certified Running Coach (Level 1), Certified Fitness Nutritionist as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Erin is an experienced running coach, sports specific training for youth, agility training and plyometrics, and an NCAA Strength and Conditioning coach. Erin is also a lifelong runner herself. She enjoys running races of all distances, ultra marathons being her favorite distance. Her goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states. When she’s not running, training or coaching she’s spending time with her family and trying to fit in a round of golf or free diving!

Wendi Clapp

Wendi Clapp has her Bachelor’s in Biology and Master’s in Outdoor Education from Southern Adventist University. She is a ACSM certified personal trainer. She’s experienced in youth sports coaching, physical education, acrosport coaching, athlete conditioning, private and small group personal training, run training, outdoor team building, and adventure sports activities and tours.

Wendy enjoys running half marathons or a solid trail run with a good technical downhill or water crossing mixed in. When she is not training, she enjoys anything outdoors such as hiking, kayaking or free diving.